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How did we get here? Well, to sum up:

I called the cops about a possible kidnapping.

They found me in his trunk. (TLDR)

Assumptions were made; videos went viral, now his lucrative football contract is on the line. Oops.

I may be a lot of things, including a con artist, but I always clean up my messes, particularly when cowboys turned star quarterbacks with copious muscles and delicious millions in the bank are involved.

The heist:

  1. I'll broker some dates for him with the most desirable women in Denver and call it matchmaking.

  2. With a bit of coaching, we'll help Mr. Just Rolled Off A Horse become Mr. Just Rocked Your World. After I work my magic, the public will either fall in love with him or want to be him.

  3. He'll get his contract and maybe a girlfriend to boot, and I'll get serious social proof for my Cupid skills. In this isolated world, that'll help me create the mother of all lonely hearts scams. Then again, maybe I'll make this matchmaker gig my shot at going legit. Well, mostly legit.


Three measly dates don't sound like a big deal, but then again, I didn't expect sabotage. This scam benefits both of us, so why won't he romance these women? I’ve seen him flirt with me. The man’s got skills… when he wants to. And with such a sweet, easy grift, why did he go and make secret plans of his own? It’s like he’s playing his own game, and that goes against my rules.

Worst of all, I’m in a whole new kind of danger. If I don’t get him matched quick, those out-of-bounds, hot kisses of his could very well make me forget the Con Artist Creed™: Never. Ever. Did I mention never? Fall in love.



A fresh take on a romantic comedy classic, Hitch, this fake dating romance is Cupid’s nightmare. Grab your copy now to see when it comes to love, what exactly does it take to con the con?

"A delightful romance." -Vicki

"Packed with action and emotion. Great meet-cute followed by an amusing ride." -Robin

"I laughed out loud at their exploits." -Helen

"Joyful to read." -Johanna

"I absolutely loved this book. It was just what I needed." -Traci

"Must have more!" -Kerry

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Frieda J. Downing

I write light hearted romantic adventure along the lines of a Sandra Bullock romcom. I'm a member of IBPA, ALLI, and the Colorado Authors League and have held workshops for multiple professional writing organizations on a number of writing topics such as social engineering, wilderness hacks, and wilderness first aid.


If you're looking for sweet with a splash of heat contemporary romance with a light-hearted touch, check out my

First Three Dates Matchmakers Series.

They're some of the messiest modern day fairy tales to ever stumble into their happily-ever-afters. 

If you like your romance a bit edgier with a dash of danger and mayhem, check out my H.O.T.T.I.E.S. series. Join the most unqualified, uniquely talented set of misfits to ever not-officially join the FBI.

They're the

Highly Outrageous Tactical Team for Infiltration, Extraction, and Sabotage,

and they're coming soon.


Glad you stopped by. If you made it this far, well, we might as well get comfy and pull out the snacks. I'll start.


I write light hearted romance books because life is surprising, love is complicated, and sex, well, it can be dang funny.

I was born in a desert. I had a buffalo and a pig as pets. According to my extended relatives, I ran around naked all the time. Awesome. Not at all mortifying.  


Fast forward through some relocations, both good and hard times, and lessons learned. A lot like you, I imagine. 


Through those years, I discovered I wasn't the only one who seemed slightly...unusual. I decided to embrace what made me unique and ended up working with teens in the US and Europe. That's where I met Caesar's Ghost. No lie. He's not nearly as scary as he sounds. Poor fellow only has one eye and two legs. Oh, and he's a cat living at a B&B in Rome. 

I came home, married my best friend, and dove into the magnificent chaos of raising kids. My laundry is never caught up, I have a knack for blowing up appliances, and I write stories about love and chemistry and how beautifully awkward romance can be. 

Me to my hubby:
"Hey Ron, gimme a quote about love and romance."

"Is this some kind of trick?"

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