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Three Dates. Two Players. One Hail Mary. 

The Matchmaker's Catch

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Enemies to Lovers


What would you get if you threw Sandra Bullock into a royal romance? I'm not too sure, but it might look something like this...


Three Dates. Two Players. One Hail Mary. She made a deal with Denver's most enigmatic bachelor, but what's she supposed to do when he doesn't want to play ball? 

Coming 2023


A Cyrano retelling, on preorder now!

What if you took the TV show The Blacklist and turned it over to a group of untrained, yet uniquely qualified crooks? They'll get their man, but not the way anyone expects them to...

It's the H.O.T.T.I.E.S., and they're bringing the mayhem the end of 2023

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