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Welcome to the Crunchies...

This would be the unadulterated romance author unplugged. Or short circuiting. You really never know. Let's live dangerously, shall we?

Hey yo. I'm Frieda. If you made it this far, you probably already know that. Gold star for you, buddy. I write mostly sweet, rather sassy romantic adventure. Think The Proposal meets Enchanted, or Cyrano goes to the dark side. My friends recently decided I might be Loki. Let's just say I enjoy stirring the pot.

Why do I love chaos? Maybe it makes us feel alive. Maybe it just makes us feel. Maybe it reveals a whole lotta truth when people are too busy to keep up with pretense. Or maybe my inner imp wiggled her way into the captain's chair again and locked the cockpit door behind her. No matter what, that chaos appears more often than not in my pages, and I love it.

The Goosh (take that, SEO)

Speaking of feel, I have all of them for a whole crew of people who helped me with my research for The Matchmaker's Royal Mess. I got to snicker like a sixth grade boy when professional climbers were teaching me about jugs. When Amy was guiding me in Scottish Gaelic, it brought back memories of when she taught me how to offer to buy the whole village a round. I had zero clue what I was saying. Then we have the soft spoken beast of a backcountry guide, Kate, who will sweetly invite you to ride fifty miles over two mountain passes, somehow convince you that you can AND it'll be fun, then take off like the newest Space X rocket to leave you sucking air up the mountain behind her. My two epic editors who made me laugh harder than I should have given I was supposed to be revising. Seriously, I don't think they're supposed to make me look forward to edits. And so many more. The best research of all? Get your puke buckets ready: the romancy fluff I got to try out and explore with the hubs. We'll go no further... for now lol. I'll definitely go into detail later. He's gonna freak if he finds this blog and reads that. Mwahahaha

Time to toodle the loos.

It's late. My cat is kneading the blanket, but more painfully, my thigh beneath it. I need sleep, but I also had a cup of milk, a generous saucer of lemon ginger tea, and a bottle of water. I'll let you do the math.

Ciao for now, my friends. Feel free and leave a comment, sign up for more pain and torture in my newsletters, or grab a copy of one of my books. Just buckle in and remember I warned you. Well, kind of.

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